MOLECOLE – Pordenone Docs Fest


2020, Italy, 68'

Andrea Segre


Retrospective “Let’s Save Venice!”

The lockdown in Venice, a situation impossible to predict, in a city out of the ordinary: Molecules was born from this incredible situation.

There are things that are very difficult for a father to share with his child and that a child can only begin to understand by becoming a father himself. Between February and April 2020, Andrea Segre, who has lived in Rome for years, was blocked by the lockdown in Venice, the city of his father and only partly also his. There he was working on two theater and cinema projects on the city’s great wounds: tourism and high water. While he was filming, the virus froze and emptied the city in front of his eyes, returning it to its nature and history, and in some way to him too. Segre collected visual notes and stories and spent those days in the family home, where he was able to delve into his memories as a boy and as a son. To hold the images together are the director’s voiceover, the music of Teho Teardo and the atmosphere of expectation and amazement of an event that has marked and will mark the world forever.


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