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2021, UK, Germany, 103'

Vera Krichevskaya



Vera Krichevskaya


Chiara Lico

The struggle between Truth and Propaganda in Putin’s Russia and the unlikely resistance of Dozhd TV, the channel of rain and optimism, and of the journalist who founded it.

In 2008 Natasha Sindeeva is a rich and ambitious 35-year-old who, to fulfill her dreams of fame and glory, decides to found an independent television channel in Moscow: Dozhd TV – The broadcaster of optimism, later renamed Rain TV. Natasha knows nothing about journalism or politics. Freedom of expression and rights activism are not part of her vocabulary. Still, she hires journalists who oppose Putin’s regime and defend LGBTQ minorities. Her creation soon became an island for free political and sexual expression and his is the only free broadcaster in Putin’s Russia.

Vera Krichevskaya – a Russian director and producer, co-founder and co-owner of Dozhd TV. You have won several awards as a television director. In addition to F@ck This Job, has made the documentaries The citizen poet, The man who was too free and The case.

Chiara Lico –

Professional journalist and writer, presenter of TG2, she deals with news and current affairs. Among her latest novels by her Il Rischio (2017), on the reality of the boys of the Camorra, Cioccolato e pistacchio – Storia di Rossella, la vita dopo lo stupro (2018). She collaborates with the blog of Ilfattoquotidiano.it and with the satirical monthly Budar.it.

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