PO – Pordenone Docs Fest


2022, Italy, 76'

Andrea Segre e Gian Antonio Stella



Andrea Segre

director and journalist

Gian Antonio Stella

The forgotten history of thousands of refugees after the terrible flood of the Polesine, through extraordinary archive images and the living memory of those who were children 70 years ago.

November 14, 1951: the left bank of the Po, a few hundred meters from the Padua-Bologna railway bridge, breaks. The tide invades the lands of Polesine, one of the poorest regions in all of Italy at the time.
Thousands of men, women and children flee while the water remains stagnant for months between the houses and the countryside. Today, more than seventy years later, the children of that time still remember with vivid memories those months immortalized on the perfectly preserved films of the archives of the Istituto Luce.

Pordenone Docs Fest supported the film’s national distribution project, recognizing its exceptional historical value and the quality expressed by its authors.


Andrea Segre, director of fiction and documentaries and television, is also a PhD in Sociology and Communication. For over ten years he has paid particular attention to the issue of migration and is a founding member of Zalab, a collective made up of six filmmakers engaged in the production, distribution and promotion of social documentaries and cultural projects.

Gian Antonio Stella, journalist and writer, is a correspondent and columnist for the Corriere della Sera. In 2007 he wrote La casta with Sergio Rizzo, his most successful book. He has won numerous journalistic awards, including the “È giornalismo”, the “Barzini”, the “Premiolino”, the “Ischia”, the “Saint Vincent” for non-fiction and together with Sergio Rizzo, in 2008, the prize international “Columnistas del mundo”.

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