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Docs Fest Awards

Pordenone Docs Fest

Grand Jury Award (ex aequo)

Andrij Lysetskyj, 2021, 85'

«The films we have chosen to honour all have one thing in common: this is the struggle of the individual, and his or her collaborators, to be creative in the face of difficult and oppressive circumstances. Ivan’s Land, directed by a Kiev-based Ukranian first-time documentarist, Andrii Lysetskyi, is a moving and intriguing meditation on a singular folk artist, as he presents his work successfully to a larger public. Long may the artist and his biographer both flourish». – Hanif Kureishi

Grand Jury Award (ex aequo)

Ahmet Necdet Çupu, 2021, 92'

« “Les enfants terribles” describes from the inside, in the intimacy of the director’s family, a rural world in Turkey where apparently time has stopped and the future seems to have already been mapped out. The “terrible boys” of the title, the brother and above all the younger sister of the director, however, find a way to impose their aspirations through a stubborn determination to discuss, argue, plead their cause with father, mother, various relatives and even with imam. Guided by a firm belief in the power of images, giving space to the viewer and without judging anyone, the director shows us how even in this traditionalist context there can be space for dialogue, for a conversation between generations that should never be believed impossible».

Special Mention

Rita Baghdadi, 2022, 78'

«Being twenty and dreaming of a career as a thrash metal guitarist is certainly not easy, but it is even more difficult for young women in Lebanon. How a dream come true in a country torn by a deep economic crisis, corruption, fanaticism and internal conflicts? The director of “Sirens” follows with empathy the enthralling energy of the two protagonists – their friendship, their talent, their doubts and insecurities – and manages to transform their daily adventures into a universal coming of age”».

Crédit Agricole FriulAdria - Green Documentary Award

Lena Karbe, 2022, 81'

«It promotes reflection on the value that society attributes to people and animals. It deals with the theme of nature protection, highlighting the impact it has on men: paradoxically, park rangers and poachers come from the same social and economic context. Through these contradictions, The Black Mambas shows the need to work by combining the defense of the environment with social equity: triggering one must be an opportunity to improve the other as well ».

Audience Award

HongKongers, 2021, 152'

Young Audience Award

Cathryne Czubek , 2021, 94'

“We chose this film because it shows African countries from a different point of view compared to the classic documentary, telling in a humorous way how dreams, creativity and human passions can exist despite the difficulties and means available. It brings to the screen the story of a great friendship that manages to overcome physical, cultural and character distances; opening new paths for future generations “. – Young Club Cinemazero

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